Anonymous: Thoughts on Rowena Xi Kang and Sang Woo Kim?

Both are gorgeous models. Each have a feature on them that I find really beautiful. Love Rowena Xi Kang’s long black hair;. Sang Woo Kim has those killer cheekbones, I don’t think I’ve seen a model with such strong cheekbones as him, it’s like unbelievable, so gorgeous.

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Anonymous: I was just asking because darker skinned people are already more persecuted, darker skinned girls are constantly parodied and made fun of, and dark skinned girls are pressured by the white supremacist makeup industry to bleach their skin. I KNOW people of color come in bleach-white and ink-black and everything in-between, I was just wondering why you would choose someone who looks very much so white as your icon for a blog made for PoC, especially given the implications.

I don’t look that deep into picking an icon pic.tbh I’m not sure if you are new follower, but I change my icon often, and its just when I come across a new image of a model I feature on the blog that I find beautiful.

I’ve featured Asian models, Albinos, Dark skin models, etc as icon pic.

If I just simply chose a dark skinned model pic icon for that simply reason, than I would get the comments why I don’t feature other skin tones.

I try to show variety shades of people of the color, the whole message I try to show is that there’s variety looks of people. There’s no really standard look of a person of color. They all are beautiful in my eyes. The blog is basically people who I find beautiful in the fashion industry.

I get where you are coming from, as a dark skinned women myself.

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Anonymous: if ur blogs about models of color, why is your icon a white/pale person??

Simply because this white/pale person you are referring to name is Charlotte Carey who comes from an ethnic background that includes 50% European & 50% Indonesian.

People of color come in variety shades of color.

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Anonymous: vogueanonymous*com/runway-statistics-springsummer-2015-season/

thank you! for sending me that link. I didn’t really get a chance to keep up with this past season fashion week, so seeing those facts is shocking and sad at the same time, then leaves u with the feeling but why is this still happening.

Thanks for taking the time to create that list. I truly appreciate it, its just even more evidence of the lack of moc on the runway.

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Anonymous: As a colored person, this blog gives me hope that something other than white can be beautiful.. Thank you

You’re welcome. I’m happy you’re able find inspiration from the blog, because beauty comes in all shade of color.

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Anonymous: Any Zambian models?

The only one I know of is Tanya Manganyi.

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Anonymous: Japanese models?

Yumi Lambert ( She’s 1/4 Japanese) ,Ai Tominaga, Anne Watanabe ,Tao Okamoto, Rila Fukushima, Mona Matsuoka ,Miyuki Koizum ,Chiharu Okunugi ,Ayumi Tanabe ,Tsubasa Watanabe ,Mona Matsuoka, Rowena Xi Kang, Kenji Kureyama , Sen Mitsuji

You can view more names by clicking on this link, to view the fashion model directory on the[]=14

A blog I recommend checking out is, a blog dedicated to Japanese models.

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Anonymous: who are some Ethiopian or Eritrean models?

Ethiopian : Kadra Ahmed-Omar, Anna Getaneh, Liya Kebede, Yordanos Teshager, Nazri Segaro,Gelila Bekele, Sara Nuru. 

Eritrean: Grace Mahary, Elsabel Yemane, Senait Gidey

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Anonymous: Would Ashley Sky be considered a model of colour since she is half cherokee and half brazilian?

I never knew Ashley’s full ethnic background. By her appearance I kinda assumed it was a possible she was from a mix background. So I’ve featured her before, because She’s gorgeous. Thanks for sharing that information, it can be very difficult finding models ethnicities at times, sometimes I have to just assumed based on appearance.

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Anonymous: I absolutely love your blog !! Models of color are the best looking but seem to get the least amount of recognition in the modeling industry. Keep up the gr8 blog.

Thanks! I appreciate the love for the blog. :) yea models of color tend to get the least recognition in the industry, and the funny thing is the industry make it seem like there’s such a short amount of them, which it is true; compare to models of European descent. Actually there’s quite a bit that’s signed to agencies but the industry tends to only want to select a very small amount to be successful at a time.

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