Anonymous: What's nadia aroujous ethnicity?

tbh I don’t know. I know she’s from London. I think you will have to try and ask that question personally via twitter or instagram to see if she responds back, I never found anything that stated her ethinc background.

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Anonymous: was she in the hospital all this time? or was she taken there bc of something that happened to her recently? :/

Well apparently some sources are saying she check herself in under a different name. After the word got out about her disappearance, the staff realized they were treating Deng and contact police

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Anonymous: That post of liu wen in lingerie, what kind is it?

it’s from La Perla’s  Fall/ Winter 2014 collection.

Here’s a link where you can view more images from their Ad Campaign to promote the collection.

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Anonymous: i've been meaning to ask this for a while now, would you guys consider changing the theme or editing the coding so tags are viewable with photosets? because they don't show up at all on both permalink and index pages :/

I’ve notice that before, I’m not sure why that occurs. So I’m not sure how to fix it, I believe its due to the theme coding. I haven’t change the blog theme in like over 2 yrs,  but I love how the tags are easily locate so that’s why I never change the it. But I plan to change up the theme/blog soon, I have ideas but honestly feel clueless on how to do them; like changing up the name, turning the blog into a website.( and just gotta find the time to do so) :)

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Anonymous: Hey I just made a sideblog called "fyeahmiddleeasterners" which focuses on people/models from the Middle East :) I was wondering whether you'd help me promote the blog by posting this message for your followers! Have a nice day xx

That’s cool. I think creating the blog was a great idea! Thanks you have a nice day as well.

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noneexpectations: This blog is exactly what tumblr needs. Thank you

Awww. Thanks! For appreciating the blog, and following! 


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Anonymous: Do you have any sister blogs? Or just know of any other blogs that feature models of color/people of color in fashion? Thanks in advance!

My blog is kinda one of a kind right now. I don’t know any other blog that just post only models of color. There is fuckyeahethnicmodel.tumblr.. That blog haven’t been active in awhile, but it has great source of images on there. I would recommend checking it out. That blog inspired me to create this blog, 3 yrs ago. There’s blogs that either post models as well celebrities or tumblr users who are people of color. There’s blogs that just features certain models of certain ethnicity.

Then there’s are blogs I follow which helps me a lot in having material to reblog onto my blog. Here are some of my favorite blogs:

Blogs that just mainly post models:
Photography of African/Black models
Photography of Asian models
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Anonymous: Can you do a list of models with a similar skin tone to charmaine san pedro?

 Its a bit difficult to see a model’s true skin tone unless I’ve seen footage video, because due to editing of the photo, or the particular lighting in the photo, a model could appear lighter or darker, due the simply fact of the person just appearing darker naturally due to the particular season, like people getting a natural tan in the summer.

I would say these models skin tones is a bit similar to Charmaine’s.; maybe..

Anchal Joseph
Lais Ribeiro
Chrishell Stubbs
Daiane Sodre
Gracie Carvalho

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Anonymous: Hi^^ Any mexican models on here? :)

i haven’t had much luck in finding mexican models. Daniela De Jesus, Anelis Echegaray, Julia Rodriguez, Johanna Santos,Mayra Suarez are the few I’ve been able to feature on the blog so far.

To view Mexican models you can do a search on the fashion model database @

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Anonymous: Do you know any blogs by yours but who only post women?

womenofcolor , and fuckyeahethnicwomen

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