Anonymous: Opinions on Jourdan Dunn becoming the face of Mayballine?

Oh wow! I had no clue she’s the new face of Maybelline. Thanks for telling me! I’m happy for her. It makes me wonder Mhhhmmm.. Does this mean that Jessica White is no longer a spoke model for Maybelline. If so it doesn’t surprise me, because she’s been with the company for awhile, and i know she’s trying to pursue a music career.  I’m truly happy for Jourdan, I feel like being the spoke model will help her career, help her be more of a household name, just for the fact she will be associated with a brand that outreach to a wide variety of women.

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Anonymous: im male 5'8 but i have great facial features and skinny does height matter that much?

Unfortunately height plays a big part for males. 5’7- 5’8 is like the minimal for female models. So 5’8 for a male is look down on as extremely short.

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Anonymous: Models come in all sizes right heights I feel taller ones are appreciated more :(

Yeah they are. I think it comes from the idea that if you are a model, you have to be tall. And it seem typically the well known models are the models who are at least 5’10 & up.

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Anonymous: i want to be a model but i am not skinny . i am not overweight i am a size 9. so can i be a plus size model

Yeah, I think you can still do plus size modeling. Plus models are generally 5’8” to 6’ in height, and wear a size 10 and up. But some thing I’ve notice with some plus size models aren’t really plus size. Its like they are just bigger than the average high fashion/commercial model, but they are not really “plus size” but compare to size 2 girls they are consider plus size. Because generally here where I’m from (US)  plus size clothing starts with a size 14 or 16, I think.

I remember reading a interview plus size model Marquita Pring stated that there’s been times where she’s been asked to wear padding to appear bigger, because she’s in between sizes.

So I would say contact an agency with a plus size division, see what they say.

Also here are few links, that can possible provide you more info than I can share. I hope it helps you out more.

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Anonymous: how do u become a model?

Well the most common way people become models are going to a open call for  a agency, if the agency like what they see in you, They will offer you a contract to sign with their agency. Once you sign the contract, the agency take you under their wings; coach and guide you to a modeling career. Tell you if you need to work on any physical appearance, losing weight, or changing hair style etc. Set up test shoots for you, send you on casting calls for gigs. Once you start going through that process, I’ll say you are official living the model life.

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Anonymous: Whos that in your icon?

my new male crush. Isha Blaaker

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Anonymous: what do you think of Marga Esquivel?

Gorgeous girl. A Sweetheart, She’s one of the few models that message me from time to time to share what she’s doing, and just to say hey.

I love her new blonde look, I can’t wait to see whats next for her in her career. It’s exciting to see another Filipino model in the industry. I would love to see more get exposure in the industry. ( it’s not many of them that’s booking major gigs through out different markets in the fashion industry)

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Anonymous: Do you know much about the stunningly beautiful Heather Kuzmich from Cycle 9 of ANTM???

Yes, I’m aware who she is. She was one of my faves from Cycle 9.  After ANTM, She signed with Factor Chicago and Elite Hong Kong. She’s done a few editorials for local magazine, and photography in the Chicago/Hong Kong market.

Here’s where you can view some of her work

I hope she’s still continue to model. But I can understand if she isn’t , because how difficult it could be for her due to her Autism. I could imagine how it is for her having to go out to castings, having to be open and interacting with others.

I feel all that she have done so far, is amazing for someone who has her disorder, She’s come along way from ANTM.

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Anonymous: i noticed you don't have a lot of anchal joseph. just kinda wanted to know why you think she isn't on the radar because i think she's a beaut dehli girl who doesn't get enough facetime.

yeah, she doesn’t, I wish she was booking more high profile gigs. It seems after ANTM she do alil modeling, I’m not sure if she still models anymore. The last time I heard any thing about her was when she was on several sites/blogs about dating Jim Carrey. I’m sure if she got signed with more well known agency she could of had more of a successful career.

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Anonymous: I was wondering if you knew of any blogs that only show masculine/male models, preferably with the model names shown? I only ever see unsourced pics from hodge-podge blogs and I'd love to know the names of the pretty people. :(

I would say check out; & . They do a good job in listing the models names. I can’t think of a blog, that just features masculine male models.

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