Anonymous: I absolutely love your blog !! Models of color are the best looking but seem to get the least amount of recognition in the modeling industry. Keep up the gr8 blog.

Thanks! I appreciate the love for the blog. :) yea models of color tend to get the least recognition in the industry, and the funny thing is the industry make it seem like there’s such a short amount of them, which it is true; compare to models of European descent. Actually there’s quite a bit that’s signed to agencies but the industry tends to only want to select a very small amount to be successful at a time.

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Anonymous: I maybe late but a friend of mines said Jourdan Dunn had breast augmentation surgery is there any truth to this?

Well I don’t think I’ve heard an interview, or read an article where she clearly stated Yes, she did. But all the signs are there. I personally believe she did. Last yr, Dior cancelled her from a show due to her breast. If you look at her old pics and compare to her recent pics you can see the difference.

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Anonymous: Middle Eastern models?

Only know a few Middle Eastern models;

Omar Borkan Al Gala, Younes Bendjima, Abla Ahmed Osman, Nir Lavi, Hind Sahli, Shani Zigron, Denise Bidot, Nazian Mandi is a great blog to check out. :)

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Anonymous: Ataui Deng was found!

Uh huh. :) I found out that night when they found her.

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Anonymous: What's nadia aroujous ethnicity?

tbh I don’t know. I know she’s from London. I think you will have to try and ask that question personally via twitter or instagram to see if she responds back, I never found anything that stated her ethinc background.

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Anonymous: was she in the hospital all this time? or was she taken there bc of something that happened to her recently? :/

Well apparently some sources are saying she check herself in under a different name. After the word got out about her disappearance, the staff realized they were treating Deng and contact police

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Anonymous: That post of liu wen in lingerie, what kind is it?

it’s from La Perla’s  Fall/ Winter 2014 collection.

Here’s a link where you can view more images from their Ad Campaign to promote the collection.

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Anonymous: i've been meaning to ask this for a while now, would you guys consider changing the theme or editing the coding so tags are viewable with photosets? because they don't show up at all on both permalink and index pages :/

I’ve notice that before, I’m not sure why that occurs. So I’m not sure how to fix it, I believe its due to the theme coding. I haven’t change the blog theme in like over 2 yrs,  but I love how the tags are easily locate so that’s why I never change the it. But I plan to change up the theme/blog soon, I have ideas but honestly feel clueless on how to do them; like changing up the name, turning the blog into a website.( and just gotta find the time to do so) :)

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Anonymous: Hey I just made a sideblog called "fyeahmiddleeasterners" which focuses on people/models from the Middle East :) I was wondering whether you'd help me promote the blog by posting this message for your followers! Have a nice day xx

That’s cool. I think creating the blog was a great idea! Thanks you have a nice day as well.

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noneexpectations: This blog is exactly what tumblr needs. Thank you

Awww. Thanks! For appreciating the blog, and following!